Sustainable private label accessories
for companies that care.


We’ve invested years perfecting our transparent, sustainable supply chain for knit fabrics. Options include both recycled and organic natural materials, as well as recycled synthetics. Whatever your fashion goals, our designers are ready to help you meet them.


Our headwear options meet customer demands for quality and variety. Whether you’re creating athletic mainstays or following this season’s streetwear trends, all our accessories come with the sustainable pedigree our partners have come to expect.

Underwear & socks

For a long time, sustainable options for socks and underwear manufacture were few and far between. But we’ve solved that—by working one-on-one with emerging brands and setting new standards for affordable, low-impact garments.

Bags & packs

Customers have come to expect the same range of sustainable options for bags and packs as they have for clothing. Our partners are meeting that need. We’ve worked with them to develop manufacturing and design processes that help them meet their goals.

Jewelry & hair accessories

Do you want to unleash the potential of your jewelry brand? Throughout the years, we have helped conscious brands and retailers build their own brands. Because of our experienced team and volume manufacturing ability, we are able to produce your collection with utmost efficiency. We are your reliable jewelry manufacturing partner that specializes in private label services.

Seamless wear

Look good in our comfy seamless wear, made from 54% recycled Polyamide GRS certified. A wide variety of multifunctional seamless wear options are available to you: seamless fashion, sport and underwear, all soft as a second skin.