We make it easy for more brands and retailers to make responsible choices.


ITC helps fashion brands and retailers make their business more sustainable by providing the largest selection of sustainable fashion solutions on the market. While demand for responsibly sourced fashion is increasing every day, we can help you meet your customer’s wishes.

Our goal is to nudge the fashion industry towards a circular lifecycle. That means every product, from manufacturing to recycling, makes the maximum use of resources while having minimal impact on the environment—giving buyers responsible options that benefit our economy, our industry, and our planet.

‘‘It’s clear that authentically sustainable materials and productions practices have become a condition for global brands and retailers, and it’s clear that ITC is truly committed and operating responsibly, truly best in class in the realm of low-impact accessories production!’’- Isaac Nichelson

United we can make a real impact. We work with a wide range of companies that strive to make the fashion industry more sustainable.


Care for the environment and future generations drives our mission. By providing sustainable choices in the fashion industry now, we hope to create a healthier planet in the future.



It takes courage to try something new. Constant experimentation and a willingness to embrace change and new technologies keep us on the cutting edge.



We work with partners, not clients.
Our success depends on your success. Collaborating across departments, companies, and industries is key to making a lasting, positive impact on our planet and industry.