Be aware of what you wear



Aware® is our sustainable label and our mantra. Giving a piece of fashion as well as peace of mind. Almost our entire collection of fashion accessories can be made with our low-impact Aware® solutions. All in all, it is important that you don’t have to worry, while navigating through the jungle of sustainability. It is easy to lose track of it all while exploring your options and expand your collections. We will take that burden of your shoulders.

It’s not easy to choose between your budget and the environment. Why choose if you can get both? With our Aware® brand, we circumvent the dilemma. We provide a wide range of accessories both sustainable and affordable, so you can keep a clear conscience and focus on what compliments your attitude of mind best.



Aware logo

The brand Aware® is a private label. A mark of guaranteed compliancy covered with a shell of fashion. Sustainable solutions you can trust.


ITC has selected sustainable solutions from an extended network of suppliers situated across the globe. Selected for their reliability, flexibility, and quality, we can guarantee that our clients are met with genuine and competitive solutions to meet the sustainable standards of their needs. Our brand Aware® guarantees sustainable legitimacy throughout the whole supply chain. 

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