Attitude of Mind

Attitude Of Mind

about us

We love our products like we love our earth. We let the world inspire us in creating new fashion accessories while at the same time respecting it. Traveling around the globe, meeting new faces, keeping our eyes open. We follow and create trends. Join, let us inspire you along the way, sharing our attitude of mind. Creating compliant, trendy fashion accessories of impeccable quality while being Aware® of our common goal.

We believe in providing an alternative choice that suits the sustainable trends of today’s fashion world.


our mission

We are continually looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. We are the connection in global collaborations, creating successful collections of fashion accessories. By acting as a conductor, connecting designers and production suppliers, while looking for the options that result in the best solutions for our fashion accessories, we always deliver an added value in these collaborations. Our mission is to keep improving the way we create our products, keeping our sense of style along the way, keeping your best interest in mind.


Our wide ranges of carefully selected partners, situated across the globe, provide us with the manufacturing options we need to ensure our clients are provided with the most competitive solutions. We guarantee that all our partners and products are compliant and meet the strictest quality standards. This is our service to you.

We Offer

Experience as supply chain specialists for over three decades. Putting the emphasis solely on fashion appeal and accessories.

50+ employees situated across the globe. Integrated sales teams with sales, design, sourcing and project management. Covered by a Quality, Risk and Compliance team.

A professional studio that consists of passionate fashion designers creating our in-house and external on-trend collections that sell.

An integrated Order Management System, the backbone of our transactions. Finance, shipping and logistics supporting teams making sure, everything runs smoothly at our end.

Direct access to top suppliers in multiple disciplines, we selected with care, can ensure you get the best what the industry to offer.

We promise full transparency: social compliance, quality assurance, quality control and time to market.

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